• Fun with Perspective

    The Checkerboard

    The lessons using the checkerboard are the gifts that keep on giving. This Saturday, I subbed for my son’s cartooning class. Not realizing the vast differences in ages of his class, the oldest was thirteen, the youngest six, I prepared a checkerboard lesson figuring the kids were older and had some characters ready to go. My son had asked me to do a lesson in color, so I thought it might be fun for the kids to do the checkerboard, using warm colors for the front row of characters, and cool colors for the back characters and whatever else was further from the front.

    The results were really was tremendous. The oldest student took it as a perspective lesson. The six year old used it to practice the BT21 characters I used as reference. Several kids actually got to the coloring. Doing the warm colors in front really makes those characters pop. Overall, it became less a lesson in color and more in the type of tricks used by artists to create the illusion of three dimensional space.

    Here are some examples of similar lessons from my summer camp students back in 2015. Not a lesson in color here. But you can see the successful three dimensional results:

    The checkerboard becomes the deck of a cruise ship.

    The basic Checkerboard setup, making creatures look like game pieces.
    Black and white setup: note the student draws OVER the lines.