Basics for Kids who like to Draw

Basic Shapes with Eight Year Olds

I love it when I get eight year olds in my class because I know that at this point, I can drum it into their heads that they need draw basic shapes before adding the details that turn into the character of their dreams. Older kids who are drawing well, but without having this fundamental under their belt, are usually very unwilling to change their approach and therefore at a disadvantage.

That being said, these past two semesters, I’ve been given the challenge of having an eight year old student unwilling to work with basic shapes. He’s young and too busy. It took a two pronged attack to get him to settle down. First, we bonded over Pokemon Go. Second, I sat down and drew the shapes for him. All he needed was to draw the details. It worked. It worked well. Not just for him, but for other kids as well. I will continue doing this for the younger children. It’s a big confidence boost, primarily. The basic shapes really do the heavy lifting to make a character look good. When the student adds the details, the results are a real confidence booster.

Here is the worksheet. The kids draw the details right on the basic shapes. As I said, the heavy lifting was done in advance.