Basics for Kids who like to Draw,  Character Features

The most basic of Character Creation

The basics of drawing anything is learning how to use shapes. Here’s a fun activity which not only allows for practicing the drawing of shapes, but also encourages drawing from observation, another important skill for artists. I found a wonderful Walter Foster book called “How to Draw Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends” with a few pages of goofy parts of the face. I printed these out, then had the kids make up their own creatures using shapes they invented and the parts of the face which they copied.

Facial Features
Foster’s Home Features

I found the following on a piece of tracing paper. I encourage tracing paper for really young students for this exercise. It’s really good for small motor development, plus the results are really cool.

Only the Shapes are original. The features are traced

For older students, a little extra shape work and creativity can super add a nice touch for a more complete character.

Zombie character using some Fosters features.
Zombie character using some Fosters features.