• Basics for Kids who like to Draw

    The All Important Comic Book Template

    When I first started teaching cartooning, I used to bring out bristol board for the kids, expected them to make their own panels for their comic books. The results were pretty dismal, with kids not putting in gutters and doing panels on half a page, or simply refusing to make borders at all. I decided to print out my own comic book pages, pre-lined, to take all the guesswork out of making a comic book. I’ve been using these templates for a decade. I printed out books of student work using the templates for their comic stories.

    There’s a method to how the panels and the pages are arranged. It all has to do with storytelling. More about that in a future post. For now, here are the downloadable pages, ready for printing. I generally print out the pages in a larger format, 17 x 11, using bond paper. But letter sized works fine. I use the large format because it’s the size comic book artists use. The work gets shrunk down for print. Working larger, it’s easier to deal with mistakes. I have also printed out pages using tag board. Erasing is very hard on bond paper, causing the occasional rip and tear. However, I find the kids by and large like the bond paper just fine.