Lessons in Perspective

Perspective for kids: Heads on the Horizon Line


One of my favorite go-to lessons is setting up one point perspective. To do this, you need a line across the paper called a horizon line. In the middle of the horizon line, put a little dot. All lines from the edges of the paper go directly to the vanishing point. The horizon line just drawn is at eye level. How do we know? All eyes are on the line! The feet go up towards the horizon line the further away they are.

I got the idea for this lesson from a Yu-Gi-Oh comic book.

Notice the Checkerboard, or game board. It it set up using the lines of perspective. You do not see the horizon line or the vanishing point because they are up above the board, somewhere above the “i” in Yu-Gi-Oh. Our little perspective lesson is really a modified checkerboard!